Spicy Black Bean Huevos Rancheros. tortillas. spicy chorizo sausage. black bean salsa. avocado. pepperjack. egg. chipotle cream. cilantro. 9
Eggs Benedict. canadian bacon. eggs. lemon hollandaise sauce. grilled english muffin. 11
Albatross Omelet. thee eggs. cheddar cheese. your choice of ingredients. 10
Top Sirloin & Eggs. top sirloin. two eggs. hashbrowns. toast. 15
Chicken Fried Steak.
two eggs. hashbrowns. toast. 12
The Rogue.
two eggs. sausage. bacon. hashbrowns. toast. 11
Three Egg Scrambles.
all served with toast or hashbrowns. 11
Breakfast Sandwich. english muffin. cheddar cheese. ham, bacon, or sausage. one egg. 6
Banana Macadamia Nut Pancakes.
coconut whipped cream. shaved coconut. 11
Blueberry Blintzes.
lemon blueberry compote. 10
Biscuits & Gravy. two eggs. biscuits. sausage gravy. 7
oatmeal. cream. brown sugar. 4
two hotcakes. one egg. bacon, sausage or ham. 9
Belgian Waffle.
waffle. butter. syrup. 6
Fresh Fruit Cup.
seasonal fruit. 4

Chef's Salad. iceberg lettuce. ham. turkey. cheddar. swiss. egg. tomato. bacon. dressing. 7 / 12
Steak Spinach Salad.
steak. spinach. tomato. red onion. red bell pepper. mushrooms. bacon. dressing. 16
Autumn Harvest.
acorn squash. butternut squash. walnuts. raisins. honeycrisp apples. orange maple dressing. 9
Beet Salad.
heirloom tomato. arugula. burrata. basil oil. balsamic reduction. 12
Grilled Caesar.
grilled mini romaine. shaved parmesan. caesar dressing. croutons.

Margarita Grilled Chicken.
marinara. fresh mozzarella. basil. 9
toasted wheat bread. roasted turkey. ham. bacon. cheddar. swiss. lettuce. tomato. onion. roasted garlic aioli. 12
Chicken Salad Croissant.
chicken. cranberries. apples. walnuts. signature dressing. toasted croissant. 12
Hot or Cold Deli.
your choice of ingredients. 7 / 9
Turkey Cranberry Wrap.
turkey. bacon. cranberry cream cheese. spring greens. red onions. tomatoes. flour tortilla.
French Dip.
prime rib. grilled french bread. au jus. horseradish aioli. 12
Philly Cheesesteak.
beef. house made provolone sauce. grilled peppers. grilled onions. soft hoagie. 11
Chicago Italian Hot Beef.
prime rib. au jus. french roll. spicy giardiniera. 14
Thai Chicken Lettuce Wrap.
ginger. chicken. carrots. bok choy. mint. cucumber. ground peanuts. asian slaw. thai peanut sauce. 11
Buffalo Chicken Wrap.
chicken tenders. buffalo sauce. bleu cheese. romaine. tortilla. 11
Hot Pastrami.
grilled pastrami. provolone. green peppercorn dijionaise. seeded wheat roll. 12

RVCC Burger.
fulton fams 8 oz patty. grilled pub roll. 11
Wild Mushroom and Swiss Burger. wild foraged mushrooms. swiss cheese. 13
Chicken, Fig, Bacon & Brie.
grilled breast of chicken. fig. bacon. brie. pickled onions. talero roll. 13
Jalapeno Pepperjack.
roasted jalapeno. pepperjack. inferno mayo. 12
Wagyu Bleu.
japanese style kobe beef. carmelized onions. bleu cheese crumbles. a-1 mayo. 14
Plum BBQ Brisket.
smoket brisket. iceberg lettuce. tomato. pickled onions. bistro sauce. talero roll. 14

Autumn Harvest. acorn squash. butternut squash. walnuts. raisins. honeycrisp apples. orange maple dressing. 9
Beet Salad.
heirloom tomato. arugula. burrata. basil oil. balsamic reduction. 12
Grilled Romaine Salad.
mini romaine head. shaved parmesan. caesar dressing. housemade croutons.

Mango Peppercorn Brandy Pork Empanadas. braised pork. peppercorn brandy sauce. smoked gouda. arugula. sliced radish. 12
Spinach Florentine Arancini. italian sausage. garlic cream sauce. 10

Mini Beef Wellingtons. beef tenderloin. sharp cheddar. port reduction. 15
Smoked Chicken Crostini.
smoked chicken. balsamic glaze. baby arugula. crispy pancetta. 9
Crispy Pork Belly.
apple bacon jam. sunchoke puree. crispy spiced pork rinds. 10
Crab Cakes.
thai crispy noodles. sweet chili sauce.

Seafood Gnocchi. bay shrimp. bay scallop. white wine parmesan cream sauce. citrus bread crumbs. chives. sweety drop peppers. 18
Smokey Blue Stuffed Hanger Steak.
7 oz hanger steak. rogue creamery smokey blue cheese. prosciutto. grilled asparagus. romesco sauce. 30
Pan Seared Wild King Salmon.
king salmon. autumn harvest wild rice. edamame. salsify. dungeness crab stuffed roasted red pepper. roasted red pepper coulis. 27
Petite Filet.
6 oz filet. smoked gouda mornay. butternut squash puree. butter glazed haricot verts. fried sage. 30
Spaghetti Squash.
roasted garlic hazelnut pesto. pecorino romano. goat cheese croquette. 18
Brick Chicken.
porcini risotto. sauteed wild foraged mushrooms. roasted garlic parmesan cream sauce. parmesan tuille. 26
Braised Short Ribs.
slow braised short ribs. sunchoke puree. glazed heirloom carrots. fried sunchoke. corn shoots. 25
Braised Lamb Shank.
8 oz lamb shank. roasted garlic rosemary cannellini beans. glazed baby carrots. citrus bread crumbs. corn shoots. 27
Honey Walnut Shrimp.
tempura battered black tiger shrimp. oyster sauce glazed green beans. crispy rice noodles. 16
Prime Rib. baked potato. seasonal sauteed vegetables. au jus. horseradish cream. 24 / 27 / 30

Caesar Salad. romaine. parmesan. herb croutons. caesar dressing. 6 / 11
Applegate Salad.
mixed lettuce. cranberries. bleu cheese. candied walnuts. honey vinaigrette. 6 / 11
House Salad.
romaine. heirloom tomato. cucumber. onion. radish. sunflower seeds. croutons. dressing. 5 / 9
Cobb Salad.
tomatoes. bacon. avocado. egg. bleu cheese. turkey. iceberg lettuce. dressing. 10

RVCC Burger. fulton fams 8 oz patty. grilled pub roll. 11
Open Face Pot Roast Sandwich.
roasted garlic mashed potatoes. fried onion rings. 12
corned beef. sauerkraut. swiss. remoulade sauce. grilled marble rye. 11

Prime Rib Sliders.
prime rib. provolone sauce. caramelized onions. 10
Brisket Sliders.
pickles. plum bbq sauce. 10
Smoked Chicken Sliders.
cranberry chutney. white bbq sauce. 9
Pork Belly Sliders.
apple bacon jam. crushed pork rind. 10

Shrimp Cocktail. three large shrimp. cocktail sauce. lemon. 7
Crab Cake.
thai crispy noodles. sweet chili sauce. 8
Beer Battered Fish & Chips.
three pieces of hand battered cod. potato chips. coleslaw. tarter sauce. 12
Red Snapper Fish Tacos.
two blackened cajun style red snapper. napa cabbage. tomato. lime wedge. chipotle cream sauce. your choice of tortilla. 11

Buffalo Hot Wings.
eight buffalo style hot wings. celery. ranch or bleu cheese dip. your choice of sauce. 12
Nacho Wontons.
salsa. sour cream. guacamole. 12
Chicken Tenders.
four chicken tenders. fries. ranch dip. 10
Flatbread. marinara. mozzarella. tomato. basil. 7
Asian Glazed BBQ Ribs. bbq ribs. thai crispy rice noodles. 10

Chicken Quesadilla.
chicken. cheese. 7
Veggie Quesadilla.
squash medley. cheese. 7
Steak & Peppers Quesadilla.
grilled steak. peppers. onions. cheese. 9
Cheese Quesadilla. 5

Peppermint Stack. brownie layers. mint cheesecake. mint mousse. peppermint chunks. 7
Chocolate Torta. milk chocolate icing. nutella. 7 gluten free
Salted Caramel Vanilla Crunch Cake. vanilla flecked cake. caramel waves. creamy custard layers. 7
Chocolate Spoon Cake.
chocolate pudding. chocolate cake. 7
Carrot Cake.
cream cheese icing. pecans. fresh toasted coconut. 7
Chocolate Espresso Crème Brûlée.
chocolate espresso. shaved chocolate. 7
Snickerdoodle Cobbler.
cinnamon. caramel sauce. 7
Grasshopper Mud Pie.
oreo cookie crust. umpqua mint chocolate chip ice cream. chocolate ganache. 7

Ice Cream. dish or cone. 3 / 5
Ice Cream Sundae. choice of ice cream. whipped cream. sprinkles. cherry. 7