Z. I. P.
Zero Initiation Promotion
Join Rogue Valley Country Club as a member in one of the following golf categories and pay NO INITIATION FEE, subject to a 24-month membership commitment.
 That’s ZERO! ZIP! NADA!
Country Club Membership
Individual Golf Membership
Young Executive Membership (36-49)
Junior Executive Membership (21-35)
Social Membership
Offer begins March 1, 2018, and expires September 30, 2018.

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Questions? Contact the Membership Office at 541.842.8174 or membership@rvcc.com

Terms and Conditions

This offer is open to anyone who has not been a member in one of the above categories for at least one year. 
Prior members must be in good standing.
All current Preview Members qualify at any time during their one-year Preview commitment period
while this promotion is in effect.
All Winter Golf Program Members qualify at the expiration of their winter golf period, April 30, 2018.
All Social & Tennis Members qualify if they upgrade to one of the golf memberships; however, there will be no refund of previously paid Initiation Fees.
Anyone joining under this promotion is required to pay all current monthly dues, assessments, and food minimums for the membership category joined, including any increases that may occur in the future.  Automatic progression from Junior Executive to Young Executive to Individual or Country Club still occurs, with the resultant changes in monthly dues,
 but without further Initiation Fees.
Termination of membership prior to expiration of the 24-month commitment period requires payment of the original $3,000 Initiation Fee.  The 24-month commitment period for Preview and Winter Golf Program Members begins on the date they join under this promotion.
Documented relocation outside of Jackson County, or serious illness or injury may be considered by the Membership Department as reasons to waive the 24-month commitment.