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Rogue Valley Country Club’s Junior Golf Program is more than just letting our juniors play the golf course. Our program offers instruction, practice and play activities, and many other opportunities to involve juniors in our golf facility. Our goal is to give RVCC’s juniors the necessary knowledge and experience to become golfers and remain golfers for life. Our junior program  incorporates the following goals:

1. It will be fun and enjoyable. Golf is a game and games are meant to be fun. We will strive to make all activities fun and enjoyable for each junior.
2. We will help all juniors to play the game to the best of their ability. We will teach them skills, rules, etiquette, basic strategy and the understanding that practice and play will increase each player’s ability.
3. We will contribute to the personal development of each junior. Our juniors will learn social skills, emotional control, and other positive character values that the game of golf helps instill in each junior.

The RVCC Junior Golf Program will be taught to beginners, intermediate players and the more advanced players divided by both ability and age groups and is open to all RVCC Golf Member Children and Grandchildren ages 6-17.